Sensory Rooms

Here at Compare-Containers, we understand how broad the Autism and S.E.N spectrum is. We understand how important it is for children and adults alike with sensory needs to have a recognizable safe haven where they can explore their sensory needs comfortably. As well as the importance of the parents having a place they can confidently take their children without the fear of judgement from the general public. 


However, often the family home can also become hectic along with other siblings, factors and situations changing, and sensory overload can be simply too much for an individual on the spectrum. In today's society. the wide range of family units suggests that many families have no spare rooms to incorporate a sensory room for their autistic family member.


Here at Compare-Containers we specialize in providing new and used sensory room shipping containers for both families and business surroundings. Containers can be as small as 8ft x 8ft and as big as 40ft x 8ft as standard sizes but other dimensions available upon request. 


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